Monday, March 15, 2010

Been a while

Well, It really has been some time since I last posted, I feel kinda bad and real slack.
I can't however give a really long post, at the moment I'm on a "project" where I have been placed within a group of 5 people and the 5 of us need to come up with a story and bring it forth to a bunch of well know companies (Nick Studios, Huhu studios (Buzz and Poppy) as well as a couple of teachers and students. All was going well. First thing was choosing a leader, and well I was chosen, so I automatically take it they will listen when spoken to and run things by me if there are any problems, secondly we came up with a solid story to take forward (I'll give you details at a later stage) about a young girl at the age of 13 who's family is evicted from their home due to money problems the beginning is a shot of the home and the young girl packing boxes and looking at a photograph of her friends and herself in front of the current house (the one she's moving out of) you later find out she has to move in with her grand parents whom have an old, uncared for mansion filled with weeds and bad weather, the young girl notices a gate to the right of the house coved in over grown roots, she rips the roots off and walks through only to find more dead vegetation and uncared for statues. The young girl walk up to a statue of a bunny and gently dusts off some dirt and weeds, after which she has a flash back to a time she once had a pet bunny of her own. The young girl continues only to see more tatty statues and dead vines. In the middle of the "garden" is a hug object covered in vines and dirt, The young girl rips them off to uncover a statue of an angel covered in moss and rain damage, she stares at the statue for a while and sees a grove in the shape of a heart on the chest of the statue, she then looks at a bronze locket with a very similar shape, after which she places the locket into the grove. The locket starts turning into gold, the statue turns into a beautiful marble angel, the weeds fall away and in their place Rosses, Lillies grow, life springs into the garden. She sees the young bunny from her past pouncing around, a gnome tending to the garden and birds flying, the sun starts to shine and radiate the area with a warm loving glow. The last shot is a close up of the statue as it says (Welcome Home Young One) and a bright golden flash. The meaning behind the story? "Home is where the heart is" (interesting fact, that quote is from the bible)... Blog to be continued...

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