Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I said I would continue. :P

So, as promised here is the next story, which (without my permission as leader) my group changed to. It begins with a young girl wearing pink holding her mothers hand as they walk into a shopping mall on a nice sunny day. When in the shopping mall the young girl notices an ice cream fridge to her right, she runs up to it and notices two poster, one of a Penguin ice cream and one of a Monkey ice cream, her face filled with excitement and energy she runs up to the fridge opens the cool door and boosts herself up to reach a Penguin ice cream, being slightly clumsy she falls into the freezer and is pulled into a 3rd dimension. The young girl land right in the middle of a war between Penguins throwing ice cream and monkeys throwing bananas. The young girl ducks for cover but it is too late and is hit in the crossfire by an ice cream and blacks out. She later stars to phase back and hears the war still going on around her and what seems to be the sound of Penguins, as she comes to her senses she leaps from their grasp un-sure of what is happening, The leader Penguin steps forward and bows as to say, we mean you no harm, we are humble. The young girl looks to him for a while and decides to bow back. Later the mother notices the ice cream freezer and sees the adds herself, so she walk over and thinks of her daughter and how she would love one with Penguins on, so reaches in to grab it. The young girl looks up noticing the mother reaching down and runs for the ice cream her mother is about to grab, she clings to the wrapping hoping to get out and be with her mother again. The moment the young girl takes breath of warm air once again she springs out of the freezer and is once again full size. The mother of cause glad to see her daughter is fine walks to the counter to go and buy the icecream, a young boy walks toward the freezer and smile eagerly and the story ends. First of all, the story is not to bat, but I feel it is too much like and advertisement and just keeps making me think of madagascar when I look at the character designs, plus I'm still slightly annoyed as to the way my team went about, but hey, I got my input and the story I just gave is how I changed is as best I could,. but still, arg, they should have discussed it with me, I am team leader and to be honest our previous story was a solid one and had no need for changing, I've spoken to countless people and they agree. Anyway, you're not reading to have me rant about my emotions, hope the stories where enjoyable. XD Would love some input (not on my rant thoug. haha) Hope to post soon.

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