Monday, February 15, 2010

First Bolg

Greetings all, tis my first Blog, I look forward to some awesome discussions, you have problems, give me a comment I'll see if I can lead you in the right direction. otherwise have a good read and see you you can relate to any of my post (made in boredom, pretty much when I have time to spare)

So, Today, woke up while walking into class, Alarm did not go off so had to rush into class while jumping around like a mad thing and sending a "morning text" to "Girlfriend" (Who for some reason still has not replied, probably decided to sleep in or is tremendously busy). Got into class and looked up and to my surprise and old man in a robe is standing in front of me, yes great image to have burned into your skull early in the morning, anyway, found out we were doing some "Live action drawing" today, it was fun, but to me staring at a half naked old man all day just felt slightly strange, though in the end I ended up drawing a lot better, go figure. Class ended pretty early and now I have the rest of the day off. I have no idea what to do to be honest, I'm guessing it may be a good idea to try do some more drawing and all. Anyway, there is my day in a condensed can of nothingness. lol

This section I plan to use in the future to answer any large requests for help and so on, so like I said in the beginning, feel free to ask for a hand, I'm always willing.

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